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Original spring box uphill from house

Close up of orginal spring box.

Goodby spring box.

Boulders just underneath old springbox.

Looking down into excavation. Note large boulder with chisel leaning against crack. This is where most of the water was coming up into the spring box.

One of the many cave ins. Note partially buried ladder.

This gives you an idea of the size of the hole we ended up with. Plastic on sides is from collapsed greenhouse.

If you are gone for a few days. Green hose is pump intake for gasoline driven semi trash pump.

Water flow out of gasoline driven trash pump. This is the flow that just disappeared into the ground south of spring.

Looking down into the spring through the collapsed greenhouse plastic to bulkhead.

Looking down into the hole. Forms are constructed and waiting for placement. Gravel beginning to be added.

Commercial 2" valve and 2" water line cemeted in place between rocks at bottom of alcove.

Forms have been set in place and concrete has been poured.

Close up of concrete poured in bottom of spring.

Form removed from concrete showing detail of socket and collection pipe in barrel surrounded by gravel.

View of rigging cables needed to correctly position and lower well casings into the spring.

Well casing being lowered into the spring. Note depth of hole and plastic from collapsed greenhouse lining the sides.

Casing down in the hole just prior to being set in place. Note surrounding rock wall and boulders.

Food contact grade silicone spread in socket just prior to placement of casing.

Casing just before placement.

Casing in place in socket showing 1" gap around base for cementing.

First two casings set and cemented in place. Note water line on boulder to right.

The backfilling begins. Needless to say, I made a lot of trips with this tractor and front end loader.

The backfilling and tamping process has begun. Glad this was a labor of love.

Detail of coarse bentonite clay placed around each joint.

Making progress. Isn't it great this was a labor of love.


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