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Type or Number of Shares One time refundable cost Monthly Stewards Fee plus tax. Quarterly Stewards Fee plus tax. Total Annual Fee No Tax Cost per 3 gallon bottle delivered with tax.  
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One Share=1 Bottle each delivery






Two Shares=2 Bottles each delivery






Three Shares=3 bottles each delivery






Four Shares-4 bottles each delivery







How it Works



Everyone who  receives water from the spring must own a share in the spring and they must own their own 3 gallon bottles for their share to be delivered to them. Use the buttons on the left of this page to see the types of shares available.  All prices were based on a 52 week year and divided accordingly.

You do not pick up your share from the spring.  All bottles are delivered weekly to a designated pick up/drop off location.  You may make special arrangements for pick up by prior agreement. For instance, twice monthly pick up, etc.

Keep in mind that you must own at least double the number of bottles that you have shares.  One set that you pick up your fresh water in, the other that is sent back to the spring to be refilled for the following week. 

You may purchase your bottles from HappyHill SpringWater or you may provide your own.  If you wish to purchase your bottles from HappyHill SpringWater, use the Donation Button provided below.  Each 3 gallon bottle is currently $17.00 which includes the tax.  Donate the total amount for the number of bottles you wish to purchase.  Please indicate what it is for when asked by PayPal.

  The current delivery locations with no delivery charges are:

Angelina's Kitchen   This is a Monday delivery  about 4:00PM.  You would need to have your empty  bottles there before 4:00 PM to be on the safe side.  The bottles are left inside unless prior arrangements have been made.
23 Rectory Street  
Pittsboro, NC 27312  


Unity Center Of Peace   This is also a Monday delivery and the main one at this point.  I arrive there usually by 6:30 PM and stay there until some time after 8:00 PM.  From 7:00 until 8:00PM I am inside the Church participating in a meditation group.  If shareholders arrive while I am inside, they exchange their bottles from the trailer themselves.
8800 Seawell School Rd.  
Chapel Hill, NC 27516  


Outside Dental Office of This is a Wednesday delivery sometime between 11:15-11:45 AM.
Timothy Scheetz,DDS
710 W. 4th St.
Siler City, NC  27344

The Stewards fee is not actually for the water received, but for all of the services that go into making it available to you at the level of share ownership you have requested.


If a enough people get together that a minimum of 15 bottles from new shareholders in a city are delivered, and a convenient location is available in this city that allows my truck and trailer to easily enter and exit the delivery drop off point, I will deliver to that new city drop off/pick up location free of delivery charge.  Keep in mind that this must be a somewhat secure location that you may comfortably drop off your empty bottles without worry that they will be disturbed and that I may drop off your full bottles without worry that anyone will bother them. 

       Fresh Spring water in Raleigh?


A North Raleigh Pick up/ Drop off location for fresh Artesian spring water is already prepared.  But it will take the commitment of new shareholders in the Raleigh area to make deliveries happen.


A convenient pick up point is already prepared at 5400 Turkey Creek Rd. in Raleigh, NC 27613.  But for water deliveries to begin, a minimum of 10 new shares must be purchased from those in the Raleigh area. 


I have had a number of people tell me that they want the water delivered to the Raleigh area but I have to have a commitment of a minimum of 10 shares to begin.

If you are interested in the water delivery to the Raleigh area you might consider purchasing the share or shares that you wish delivered, but not subscribing to the water stewards fee at this time.  The investment in this share cost is completely refundable, so you would not lose anything if enough people do not share your commitment to fresh spring water deliveries in the Raleigh area.  Your money could be refunded.


Once a minimum of 10 new shares have been purchased, you will be contacted to confirm your continued interest in receiving the water in the Raleigh area and then subscribing to the monthly or quarterly stewards fee at that time.  If at least 10 shares are interested in continuing and pay the stewards fee, then deliveries will begin. At this time, it seems that the most likely day for delivery would be sometime Wednesday afternoon.



The refundable cost of one share in the spring is $25.00 if you are subscribing to receive the lowest rate.  However, if you just occasionally want water, you might consider the Purchase plan whose refundable cost is $5.00, but you pay full price for the water.


To purchase your refundable shares, go to: http://www.happyhillspringwater.com/ and click on the Fast Sign Up link on the left of the page.


The only way Raleigh water deliveries will begin is if people make the commitment to make it happen.








Send mail to Tom@happyhillspringworks.com with questions or comments about this web site.