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I have been a student of the Philosophy presented in the Edgar Cayce readings for many years. The information given through him rings true to me and just "feels" right. I do not claim to be an authority on the readings, nor do I claim that I know the readings are correct. I just know that the information feels right to me and that over time I have learned that I can trust it. The source of information that came through Cayce, suggested that the best way for anyone to be convinced of the value of the information presented in the readings was to try it for themselves and see. I have. I trust it. Everyone needs to make up their own mind. Not rely on what someone else says about it. Enough about that. You read and investigate the material if you are drawn to it. There are a number of introductory books about his life and the extraordinarily helpful content of the readings. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA will be glad to send you further information about his life and works. Their phone number is 757-428-3588 and their e-mail address is are@edgarcayce.org Or click on A.R.E. (http:/www.edgarcayce.org) and jump to their web page. 

To go along with my interest in the Edgar Cayce readings and in building the Appliances, I was also a long time A.R.E. local volunteer.  I have volunteered my efforts for many years  with the Triangle A.R.E. Team helping to bring speakers into the Raleigh -Durham- Chapel Hill area. If you have been to any A.R.E. sponsored programs in the last ten to fifteen years in one of those areas, you have probably seen me.  I am  the guy with the cane and white beard who usually sells books.   I was also a volunteer at the Regional level.  I have been a member of the Southeast Region A.R.E. Core Team for many years and have served as a member of the management team with the Core Team.  The Core Team is made up of committed volunteers from throughout the Southeast Region and meets once a year in order to discuss various options for making the wonderfully helpful Edgar Cayce material more readily available to the general public close to their homes.  The management team generally meets twice  a year and assists the Regional Coordinators with some of the responsibilities of the region.  I was also the State Greeter for North Carolina  for many years.  If someone from N.C. made an enquiry about a Search for God Study group, in time, I received their name and sent them a letter letting them know that there are people in the local areas interested in some of the same things they are.  If you have an interest in Spirituality, there is no better place than the readings given by Edgar Cayce to gain an in-depth understanding of what its all about. I am a bit biased of course.  But I use the Cayce material as my bedrock upon which to consider other teachings and literature that I am drawn to.

One of my compelling interests for the past 15 years or so has been the teachings of Joel Goldsmith.  During the course of a psychic reading, Sherrie Dillard mentioned that she thought I might be interested in reading the Joel Goldsmith material.  Boy, was that an understatement.  As soon as I read the first paragraph of Joel Goldsmiths "The Art of Spiritual Healing", I was hooked.  I have been reading the Joel Goldsmith books almost daily ever since.  Once, at a Core Team meeting of the Southeast Region outside Atlanta, I was talking with several people at breakfast about my compulsion to read the Joel Goldsmith material and that I kept reading mention of tape recordings of his lectures.  I stated that  I didn't know when, but I was going to find some of those tapes one day.  From across the other side of the table, DD Cayce said, "I have some I would be glad to loan you".  In talking with DD, I discovered that a friend of his had studied with Joel out in Hawaii.  After she moved back to the mainland, she settled near DD and when she died, left him all of her Joel Goldsmith books and tapes.  DD sent me those tapes and I ended up copying about 72 hours of Joel Goldsmith lectures.  As I am working in my shop, I listen to those lectures.  As I drive to various events, I am listening to those lectures.  As I am cooking breakfast, I am listening to those lectures.  Something is compelling me to keep on trying to wake up out of the belief in a separateness from God.  In addition to these tapes that DD loaned me, I have made my own by reading Joel's books and recording them on tape.  That way, I have them to listen to as I do other things.  I am quite dense, I have to keep reminding myself over and over that in fact, there is no separation between us and God except what we accept or place there by our own belief systems.  As you can see, the Joel Goldsmith material continues to be very important in my life.

Ever since I have been out on my own, I have lived sort of out of the way of folks.  Normally way down in the woods somewhere.  Though I did live for a while on a peninsula that made you feel like you were living on an island.  It had a narrow driveway curving out into a lake and then opened up into a large area with a house perched on the far end with the back porch hanging out over the lake. I used to keep my canoe  floating in the water underneath the porch so that it would be out of the rain and ready to go any time I was.  You could stand out in the yard and no matter which way you looked you were looking at water due to the way the driveway curved.  For the past thirty years or so I have lived out in the woods in old houses that I have had to redo. I am presently living out in the country at the end of a dead end road where my driveway curves out of sight and down a hill to an old house that I purchased.  My logo is a takeoff of my old house on a hill way out by itself.  All of my friends suggested that I take a bulldozer to the house and start over or let the fire department practice their art with my house as the medium.  I didn't listen to them.  I sometimes think I should have.  I have always been an avid do it yourselfer. I had worked for many years as a carpenter and as a welder and was  pretty good at doing my own electrical and plumbing work so I felt undaunted by the work called for. Whew eeeeeee!  Did I bite off a chunk to chew.  I have done all of the work mostly by myself.  I have had friends help on occasions and their help was greatly appreciated but this house has basically been my project. And boy what a project. (to be continued)


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