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Types of Spring Shares



 Trial Agreement
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Water, like our fruits and vegetables, is living, and has energy of its own.  We all know that the fresher the vegetables are, the better they are for us.  That’s why a lot of people choose the farmers market for their foods.  We all know that when vegetables are removed from the ground they begin to wilt and lose their life energy.  The longer they are out of the ground the less beneficial they are to the human body. They have been removed from their source, the earth, and can no longer draw forth what is needed to sustain life.  Water is the same way.  Water is the absolute basis of all life on our planet.  Without water, there is no life as we know it.  Water too, begins to slowly lose its life force the longer it is removed from its source, the earth. Our human bodies are made from the elements of the earth and everything that sustains our bodies likewise comes forth from the earth.  That why you hear such phrases as Mother Earth.

            I had never particularly thought of the energy aspects of water.  I was just grateful that I had an abundant supply of great tasting artesian spring water.  One day as I was talking with a vegetarian engineer friend who is very much into fresh organic vegetables and who also has a varied background in metaphysical studies, he mentioned how sorry he felt for all those people living in large cities without a source of fresh water.  I asked him what he meant.  He said that most cities derive their raw water from rivers.  They take this water in and process it for biological elements and certain levels of metals and some toxic chemicals.  Then it is stored in large tanks until it is needed.  It is never treated for its potential negative energies.  He went on to explain that the city upstream had released this water from its sewage treatment facilities after it had been treated for biological elements.  There was absolutely no way of knowing everything this water had been exposed to.  Masaru Emoto has presented quite a bit of evidence that water takes on the energies of what it is exposed to.  This water had first been consumed by people and animals, some of them very sick with various diseases. From hospitals filled with very sick people, sad and depressed people, slaughter houses washing down their floors and equipment, there is just no telling what kind of energy environments the water had been exposed to before it was treated and released back into the river to be picked up by the next town downstream and used for its drinking water.


 Two basic types of share agreements are available.

    Everyone who receives water from the spring must own a share in the spring.  The one time cost of purchasing the share is refunded in full should you ever decide that you do not wish to receive any more water from the spring. A share agreement must be signed before receiving water from the spring.   Each share has its own identifying number that will be used to verify share ownership.

HappyHill SpringWorks recognizes that not everyone’s water needs are the same, so two basic types of share agreements are available.  The most economical arrangement is the subscription share agreement similar to a magazine subscription, where you pay a minimal rate but pay it in advance.  It is expected that those people living relatively close by and consuming three or more gallons a week will choose this type of agreement.  Please note that with either of the subscription shares available, your share of the spring is delivered weekly.  If you fail to pick up your share for any reason, you forfeit that weeks delivery, it is not saved for you. The other is the share purchase agreement , where you pay the current cost per bottle for each bottle received, sort of like picking up a magazine off a rack in a store and paying the single issue cost.  After a period of thirty (30) days, all shares are refundable at the full purchase price whereupon you would no longer be eligible to receive water from the spring.


The Annual Share Subscription Agreement is as follows:


One (1) share is available for a one time refundable fee of $25.00 and a monthly maintenance fee of $17.33(plus tax) payable  quarterly in the amount of $55.51 prior to the beginning of each quarter, which entitles you to receive one three gallon bottle of water at each weekly delivery.

To purchase two (2) shares in the spring (equivalent to about one gallon of water per day), you pay a one-time refundable fee of $50.00 and a monthly maintenance fee of $34.67(plus tax) per month, payable  in quarterly installments of $111.02.   Two spring shares entitles you to receive two three gallon bottles of water at each weekly delivery.  If you need more than two three gallon bottles a week, then you will need to buy more shares or you can add additional bottles of water at the current purchase share rate($6.00 plus tax). After thirty days, all share purchases are refundable at their full purchase price upon written request.

To purchase three (3) shares in the spring, you pay a one time refundable fee of $75.00 and a monthly stewards fee of $52.00(plus tax) payable in quarterly installments of $166.53 which entitles you to receive 3 three gallon bottles of water from the spring at each weekly delivery.

To purchase four (4) shares in the spring, you pay a one time refundable fee of $100.00 and a monthly stewards fee of $69.33(plus tax) payable in quarterly installments of $222.04 which entitles you to receive 4 three gallon bottles of water from the spring at each weekly delivery.

The Semi-Annual Flex Plan is as follows:

It is understood that some people may take extended vacations from time to time and do not wish to pay for water that they are not receiving.  If this is your case, you might consider the Semi-Annual Flex Plan.  With the semi-annual flex plan, in addition to the regular share cost, you pay a non refundable fee of $50.00 and agree to receive the water for a minimum of 6 months out of the 12 months. With the semi-annual plan, you are billed monthly prior to the beginning of the month. You may pause delivery and payment any month during the year.   All payments are monthly and there is no refund of a partial month, so plan accordingly.  At the end of the 12 months, if you still wish to continue to receive the water, you once again pay a non-refundable fee of $50.00 agreeing that you will once again receive the water for a period of at least 6 months during the 12 months.  If during any period of 12 months the minimum 6 months of water has not been paid for, you will forfeit your share cost and no longer be eligible to receive water from the spring until your account is once again up to date.  This plan will probably be of benefit to you only if you are purchasing multiple shares and know that you will be taking an extended vacation.

The Share Purchase Agreement is as follows:

    The Share Purchase agreement was set up to allow those interested in purchasing the artesian spring water that has been processed through a series of magnetic vortex traps to concentrate the precious minerals it might contain.  The prices set for the processed water has been based on the total amount of water required to produce the concentrated water.  See the section on ORMUS water for further information about this.  However, should an individual wish to just occasionally purchase water from the spring and not take advantage of the low subscription rates by committing to the long term agreement, they can buy the Share Purchase agreement and obtain the water at the current per bottle cost under this agreement. 

    Under the Share Purchase Agreement, the individual pays a one time fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) which confers upon them the right to purchase water from the spring at the current per bottle purchase rate, with the understanding that this rate may increase in the future.  The purchase rate as of 8/26/13 is $6.00per 3 gallon bottle.  In the advent of a price increase, notice will be given allowing the shareholder to accept the new rate or receive a full refund of the share purchase price.

       Should you decide you no longer wish to participate in the spring share purchase agreement, you sell your share back to HappyHill SpringWorks for the original purchase price and upon doing so, will no longer be eligible to receive water from HappyHill SpringWorks.

    The idea of selling this water processed through magnetic vortex traps over the web is an evolving one.  At some point, a owners only section of the web site will be set up where share owners are able to access the pages through the use of passwords or pin numbers and order directly what they need without having to pay the Share purchase agreement fee each time.  At present, orders will be charged this fee with each order, but it will be refunded to them upon verification of their share purchase agreement number.  During check out, there is a place that you will be asked to enter your share number or other instructions.  If the share number and address matches the one in our files, the $5.00 fee will be refunded to you.

For example:  Lets pretend that you are ordering a gallon of the artesian spring water concentrated in the magnetic vortex traps and this is your first order of this water. 

Cost for 1 gallon= $47.92 + $5.00 for share=$52.92 plus shipping.  Several months later you order another gallon of this water and again the cost is $47.92 for the gallon and you are again charged the $5.00 share cost.  However, during checkout, you enter the share number that you received from the first order and then complete the transaction.  When we receive notification of your order, we see your note about your share number and we check it against our records and verify that it matches with the number and address we have in our files and refund you the $5.00 that you paid this time for the share fee.  So this time, the gallon of processed water only cost you $47.92 plus shipping.



How do I get my water?

I will deliver the 3 gallon jugs of water to any place that I am already going on a continuing basis.  At present, I am delivering water to the Unity Church at 8800 Seawell School Rd., in Chapel Hill on Mondays at no delivery charge because I am going there on those days anyway.  I am also delivering water to the Pittsboro Center for Natural Medicine at 175 East Salisbury St., Pittsboro, NC as well as Dr.Timothy D. Scheetz Dental Office at 710 West Fourth St. in Siler City, NC with no delivery charge.  If a group of 10 or more shareholders get together in another city, Raleigh for instance, I could deliver to a drop off /pick up spot on a weekly basis for a small fee.  I will only deliver the 3 gallon polycarbonate bottles with handles that are owned by the individual shareholder.  Water can take on an energy, and I find that when I handle the weight and bulk of 5 gallon containers I am not very happy and I would not like to accidentally impart any negative energy to your water, so please, honor my 3 gallon request if you expect me to handle it.  Please feel free to call me and inquire about the nearest drop off spot to your location, 919-742-3379.  The shareholder is encouraged to only get what they might drink in a week’s time.  If you have water left over at the end of the week, pour it on your plants and bring your empty bottle to be refilled with fresh.  The ideal situation is one in which the shareholder owns two (or 4) 3 gallon polycarbonate bottles.  When I deliver the freshly filled jug (s) I pick up the empty jug (s) that will be delivered with fresh artesian spring water the following week.  If you have not left a bottle to be refilled, you will not receive any water the following week.


What happens if you move away?


If you leave the area you sell your share(s) back to HappyHill SpringWorks for its original purchase price.  If you so desire, you could have your water shipped to you by UPS or the Postal system.  When I received my original guidance to develop the spring as a source of bottled water because it was healing water, I also received that it should be available by mail-order.  I ignored that as being too impractical because of the shipping costs involved.  However, who am I to judge.  If anyone wants the water shipped to them, I will do so for the actual costs involved which include the packaging and shipping costs.  I have checked with the local UPS shipper and if I call them with an address, they can tell me what the UPS shipping costs would be for a 3 gallon container.  Small amounts can also be shipped by USPS flat rate priority mail boxes and reach most places in the US within two to three days.  If you are interested in drinking this wonderful water and live a good distance away, please call (919-742-3379) or send an email (Tom@happyhillspringworks.com)  and we will see what works out best for everyone.


How do I get signed up and start receiving my water?


You contact Tom Hildebrand by phone at 919-742-3379 or by email at Tom@happyhillspringworks.com.  You will sign either a Spring Share Subscription agreement with HappyHill SpringWorks selling you a share (s) in the spring and acknowledging that you agree to the monthly stewardship fee paid to HappyHill SpringWorks as long as you own the share or the Spring Share Purchase Agreement allowing you to purchase the artesian spring water at the current per gallon rate.  Should you decide to leave the Spring Share you agree to sell the share back to HappyHill SpringWorks for its original purchase price.  If you fail to pay the monthly stewardship fee (or at any time you are behind in the monthly fees equal to the initial share cost that you purchased) it will be assumed that you are selling your share (s) back to HappyHill SpringWorks and your share will be voided or converted to the purchase share agreement.  If at a later time you wish to rejoin the spring share, you will have to once again purchase a share at the current share price.  HappyHill SpringWorks can send you an invoice through PayPal at your email address in order to pay your fees.  Ideally, all fees will be payable on line by going to the website.

It is hoped that everyone will recognize the living aspects of water and treat it just like fresh fruits and vegetables and consume it within a few days of its removal from the ground.  In order to encourage people not to hoard drinking water but to consume it and drink fresh, HappyHill SpringWorks is purposefully keeping the cost per 3 gallon bottle far below the regular retail rates in stores.  Purchase just what you think you will drink within a week, then if you happen to have some left over at the end of the week, pour it on your plants and refill your 3 gallon jug with fresh artesian spring water.



Send mail to Tom@happyhillspringworks.com with questions or comments about this web site.