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Spring Share Purchase Agreement


For the sum of __________________________ HappyHill SpringWorks hereby agrees to sell ______________share(s) of its Artesian Spring located in Chatham County, NC to____________________________.  This share #___________________ entitles the shareholder to receive artesian spring water derived or processed from the spring.  The shareholder ________________________understands that under this agreement they agree to purchase each bottle of water at the current price of__________________per  bottle.  It is agreed that the shareholder will not sell or offer to sell any of this water, but will use it for their own personal household use.  It is agreed that the shareholder can not sell or transfer this share to anyone else by any means.  Should the shareholder ever wish to leave the spring share agreement, they agree to sell their share back to HappyHill SpringWorks for the original purchase price stated above.  HappyHill SpringWorks will deliver the water but only in 3 gallon containers with a handle (valid only for local owners) owned by the shareholder to a specified pick up/drop off location.  For this agreement, the specified drop off/pick up location,  day, and time is: _____________________________________________________________________.It is further understood that this artesian spring water is as it comes from the ground, it has not been approved by any state or federal agency nor does HappyHill SpringWorks intend to seek such approval in the future.  All water, after it is pumped from the artesian spring catch basin, passes through an ultraviolet light sterilization unit.  Should the shareholder at any time wish to terminate the spring share agreement they can do so by sending a written request to HappyHill SpringWorks at 704 Zeb Ferguson Rd., Siler City, NC 27344 or by email to Tom@happyhillspringworks.com for a full refund of the original share purchase price stated above (minus any fees due) whereupon they will no longer be eligible to receive water derived from the spring. The share must be owned a minimum of thirty days before a refund is issued. Likewise, HappyHill SpringWorks can at any time terminate the spring share agreement with or without cause by refunding the original purchase price.



This agreement entered into and signed on this the ____day of_______,20___.


_____________________________                            _____________________________

            Shareholder      Name                                             For HappyHill SpringWorks

_____________________________                                       704 Zeb  Ferguson Rd.

 Street address                                                                         Siler City, NC27344-6631

______________________________                                                                                    City                  State                ZIP                             


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