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One day, during mid year 2008, I opened the door on my freezer to discover stalagmites growing out of the ice cubes in one of my ice trays.  These stalagmites were about an inch high.  It looked like the water had caught on fire and the flames had been frozen in place above the individual ice cubes. Visualize a flame with a wide base going up to a narrow apex.  I had never seen anything like this.  In my world, water lay flat in the ice trays or bowls or wherever it was.  I was amazed at this and had no explanation for it. 

            I attended a Course in Miracles study group in Chapel Hill.  At the beginning of each group meeting, we all went around the circle and briefly share whatever we feel like we would like to share with the group.  My sharing after this occurrence was explaining what had happened with the ice trays and asking if anyone else had ever seen any thing like it or had any kind of explanation for it, because I certainly didn’t.  The majority of the group wanted to know if something had dripped down onto the ice trays thus forming the apparent stalagmites.  I assured them that nothing had dripped down onto the trays.  One lady in our group did say that she had seen something like it years before in a house she used to live in that had spring water as its water source.  All in all, we all laughed it off as the miracle of the ice trays and forgot about it. 

Then on November 30, 2008, I received an email from the President of the Triangle Dowsers association containing a link to a video that he thought I might find of interest.  This link had been sent to him by the “Head Honcho, Toronto Dowsers” to share with other water dowsers who she thought would find this video of particular interest.  It had been sent to her by Barry Carter and the link was only going to be available for seven days.  The video was by David Wolfe and in it he was explaining about the energy of water and talking about magnetic vortex traps used for extracting this particular high energy water.  In the video he showed several magnetic vortex traps in operation and he was explaining to another guy how they worked.    He was saying that the best place to find water with this high energy content was springs because this was a levitating energy and was being raised up from deep within the earth.  He went on to say that you could even track the weather because if you had some of this high energy water in your ice trays it would form stalagmites under certain weather conditions.  “Holy crap” the first and only explanation I had heard about why my water had formed stalagmites in the ice trays.

I shared this information with my fellow Course in Miracles students and sent the video link to them and some did manage to watch it before the link was removed.  There was some discussion of the video and this ORMUS energy and then it was dropped.  My interest in the subject of ORMUS water had been sparked however, because I had seen direct evidence of something strange in my own ice trays and this explanation about ORMUS energy was the only explanation I had come across to account for it.  I started looking on the internet about the subject and quite quickly found Barry Carters web site http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus .  Even though I knew nothing about this type of energy that Barry and others were discussing, I knew that something unusual had indeed happened with my artesian spring water and also that in my initial guidance back in 1990 I had been told that my water was "healing water" so I thought perhaps this might be what was meant.

 After a period of several months, I decided to build a magnetic vortex trap based on the plans given for building the winter sink trap on Barry’s web site.  It just felt right to do so.  I ended up building three slightly different traps.  Barry had suggested using 4” diameter round schedule 40 PVC pipe cut to 6 ½” for the barrel of the trap.  The shortest piece of 4” diameter pipe I could find to purchase was a piece 24” long.  I cut two 6 ½” pieces out of this 24” length which left me with a piece 11” long left over.  I have always paid particular attention to the number 11.  I was born on Jan. 11 which is 1/11 and I see 11:11 and 1:11 on my digital clocks quite frequently.  So when I had a leftover piece 11” long, it was a given that I was going to build a trap with an 11” central barrel.  I ended up with three slightly different traps all based on the information on Barry’s web site. 


One of the traps with removeable top prior to magnet placement.

Magnets placed around trap prior to taping.

View of speaker magnet that is in the bottom of each case at the waste outlet.

View in upright position prior to magnet attachments.

Another view of magnets added to vortex trap.

Magnets have now been taped in place around vortex trap. Its ready to be placed in service.

View of all three traps set up and ready for service.

Close up view of first trap (11"body).

Close up view of second trap.

Close up view of last and final trap.


On the two that the top can be removed, I saw a very interesting demonstration of the vortex action prior to actually placing them into operation.  I love the taste of my artesian spring water and I did not want to taint it with the flavor of the glue that I had used to assemble the traps so I ran quite a bit of water through them prior to actually using them.  I had the tops off of the removable ones and the water rose out of the top of the collectors like a tornado, a swirling vortex of water spinning out of the top of the collectors.  Quite a sight to see.

Since building these traps in March 2008, I have given quite a bit of this ORMUS water away.  Some people have come out to the house to obtain it and others just bring empty containers to the course in Miracles group or the healing circle I attend.  Some say they absolutely love the concentrated ORMUS water, others say that they can not tell much difference between the ORMUS artesian spring water and the natural artesian spring water.  I ran a test to see how much water went down the drain to obtain 1 gallon of the ORMUS water.  When I had all three traps hooked to each other, the water initially going in the first one then the ORMUS concentrate going to the second one and the further concentrated water going to the third one, 26 or more gallons of water went down the drain to obtain one gallon of the ORMUS water. 

My initial guidance about the spring said that the water was healing water and should be made available by mail order.  I could not understand it at the time, but perhaps, this concentrated artesian spring water is what was meant.  I honestly don’t know.  But it does “feel” right to offer this water to others on my web site.  (I am also going to offer the regular artesian spring water by mail order.  Maybe one or both of these is what Spirit wants.)

I don’t like the idea of all the plastic that is being generated in the bottled water industry.  I first thought of reusable bottles mailed back and forth in the mail.  Glass of course, is a great container for water but there is a decided risk of breakage as it is shipped in the mail.  The bottles are also quite heavy.  That would add substantially to its shipping cost. Aside from the fact that I don’t believe that people would mail their own bottles back and forth to receive the water, even if they were using some other type of bottle, would be the hassle of me trying to keep up with whose bottle was whose etc. etc.  That just did not seem practical.  Then I learned of biodegradable plastic bottles.  That felt right.  It took me quite a bit of time to find someone who would sell me some biodegradable bottles in the small quantity that I wanted to try.  The typical shipment is 1500 per pallet or 39,000 per truckload.  I did not need that many bottles. I did manage to buy some that used the Bi—x007 additive to render them biodegradable (http://www.bi-x007.com/applications.html).  However, with the shipping from Canada, the bottles ended up costing me almost a dollar apiece.  I am going to offer to ship these 500ml bottles filled with the concentrated ORMUS water to those who are interested in trying it out.  Eight bottles holds just over a gallon of water and will fit nicely in a priority mail medium size flat rate box that will be delivered anywhere in the US in 2-3 days.

I am going to offer this concentrated artesian spring water in one (1) quart, one half (1/2) gallon and one  (1) gallon quantities. As stated elsewhere on this web site, everyone that purchases water in any form must be on file as a shareholder.  The cost of the share purchase agreement which is the minimum required in order to be able to purchase water is $5.00.  This $5.00 fee is refundable in full after 30 days if you no longer wish to receive water or its derivatives from the artesian spring.  At some point, an owners only section of the website will be offered whereby share holders will be able to purchase water without paying this fee each time.  But at present, the $5.00 fee will be charged each transaction but refunded once it is verified that you are already a shareholder. 

For example, lets pretend that this is your first order and you want to order 1/2 gallon (2 quarts) of the concentrated magnetic trap water.  The cost for that 1/2 gallon is $28.96.  The fee for the share purchase agreement is $5.00 making the total cost this time $33.96 plus shipping.  On your next 1/2 gallon order, you are again charged the $5.00 share purchase agreement fee but this time during checkout you enter the share number you received on the first order and when we receive notification of your order, we verify the number you entered matches the address and number in our files and we refund the $5.00 fee to you so that your cost for the  1/2 gallon (two quarts) is only $28.96 plus shipping.  You must remember to enter your share number and request the fee refund, it is not automatic.




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Send mail to Tom@happyhillspringworks.com with questions or comments about this web site.