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"All healing - body, mind, soul - must come from Him. All applications - as we have indicated, of a mechanical nature, of a medicinal or of a suggestive nature - are only to stimulate any portion of the body, mind or soul activities to coordinate and collaborate with the spiritual force of the body - soul itself." (1467-13) Edgar Cayce

Finally a CSA* for spring water


The goal of happyhillspringwater is to make available fresh spring water to those who are interested in drinking only the best natural spring water.  The structure is set up similar to people who are interested in drinking fresh cow or goats milk.  Current restrictions prevent people from drinking un-pasteurized fresh milk unless they own the cow.  Therefore, responding to consumer demand, many farmers have set up a system whereby people can purchase a share in the cow and thereby drink the milk from their share of the cow.  After their purchase of the share(s), they pay the farmer a stewards fee to look after their share in the cow and to make available their portion of the milk.

            This is how the spring at happyhillspringwater is set up.  Everyone who drinks water from the spring purchases a share or shares in the spring to enable them to drink this pure, natural spring water in the quantity that they desire.  They then pay a stewards fee based on the number of shares they have purchased to happyhillspringwater to look after the spring and to deliver their share to them at an agreed upon central drop off/ pick up location.

            Every shareholder owns and looks after their own bottles(3 gallon bottles with a handle).  Happyhillspringwater will fill the shareowners bottle and deliver it to the agreed pick up/drop off location.  The shareholder is responsible for making sure that they have returned their empty bottles to the drop off/pick up location so that they can be refilled and returned the following week.

            There are two basic types of share ownership.  The first is the Purchase share which allows the owner to receive as much or as little water as they like, but at the full retail price.  Then there are subscription agreements where the cost per bottle is significantly lower but the share owner agrees to a longer term in order to get the reduced price.  Think of it as similar to a magazine subscription where if you subscribe, you get each individual magazine at a much lower rate than if you purchased an occasional magazine off a rack somewhere.

    Use the link bars at the left of each page to see more details of each share agreement and more information about the spring in general.

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*Community Supported Agriculture


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